Fit4Blue _ Fishing Tourism for Blue Economy

FIT4BLUE is a project funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme and led by the Petra Patrimonia Corsica cooperative in partnership with Spanish (SGS Tecnos and FUNDAMAR), Italian (M.A.R.E. SOC.COOP and Haliéus) and Greek (IDEC) bodies that shared the objective of encouraging the entrepreneurial skills of operators in the fisheries and aquaculture sector and their participation in the Blue Economy.

The project pursues the following objectives

IO1 To develop an on-line course aimed at trainers and mentors in the sector, in order to provide them with a tool to accompany fishermen in the process of diversification of their activities and preservation of the cultural heritage and knowledge of the fishing industry.

IO2 To develop an on-line course for fishermen (young/adult/occupied) proposing new innovative paths within the Blue Economy.

IO3 To create an on-line training platform through which users can benefit from an autonomous acquisition of skills. The platform will contain the online courses developed and will present some successful cases of new marketing processes and techniques able to exploit the new opportunities in the Blue Economy.

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