Legacoop's International Development Cooperation has commissioned Haliéus to develop a platform as a data collection and service delivery point for Legacoop enterprises and structures active in international development cooperation. This platform is the tool dedicated to promote the role of cooperatives in development cooperation, which Haliéus and its membership will use for Advocacy purposes.

The services provided through the platform are partly automated (generated by artificial intelligence algorithms) and partly semi-automated, provided by experts in the field. In particular thanks to the expertise of the Cooperative Gnucoop, which has developed the platform, for the technical part but also for other skills that the cooperative is able to transfer (e.g. ex-ante evaluation of projects). It is an opportunity to systematise specific competences of Haliéus members and in general of the Legacoop system is at the basis of the platform concept that wants to promote exchange of experiences and knowledge.

The platform is fed by project data. The data acquired by the Co-operatives and in general by the Legacoop system feed a public repository of information on the Co-operation among cooperatives' , on the open data model, where data can be accessed by selecting parameters and aggregations. The system follows an incremental logic, whereby members will be motivated to provide more data on their own activities in return for increasingly advanced services (mutual sharing).

The platform is a tool with which co-operatives, associations and NGOs from the Legacoop universe can get to know each other, communicate and co-operate. The transfer of knowledge and the possibility to share data allow many realities to act in synergy in a future of co-planning. The platform allows data processing, obtaining statistics relevant to the working tables and themes on which they are active.

To date, the platform has 266 projects with 25 organisations members.

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