Bariş Zaman
Linking up with the Italian cooperative experts my cooperative started operating auction for its products. It was a great success raising the income of our members
Goli Ahmadifard
The partnership with Haliéus was supportive especially in hardships, encountering obstacles with innovative solutions. Persistent and flexible in achieving goals for the benefit of our cooperatives.
Cosimo De Biasi
The project TOURISMED was a wonderful occasion to open my perspectives over new business opportunities in the Blue Eocnomy. Moreover, the upgrade of my vessel to start the fishing tourism directly stimulated new incomes for my business.

🥁🥁Mesdames et messieurs, a brand new logo shines for Haliéus, representing our strong radication in the cooperative movement and our renewed commitment for supporting cooperatives worldwide!😎Thanks to @pazlab 👏👏 pic.twitter.com/e1yxZvQ3mf

Upcoming events

6 July 2021
  • Multi-stakeholder final workshop SMARTCHAIN Project

    6 July 2021  09:00 - 13:00

    Legacoop Puglia as part of the SMARTCHAIN consortium is proud to present the main results and findings from this multi-actor project funded by the European Union.

    Practitioners, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders will have the chance to learn about the SMARTCHAIN project’s outcomes and its impacts. The final event conference presents a great opportunity to find out more on how to improve current policies and practices on Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs). 

    SMARTCHAIN performed a thorough analysis of different types of SFSCs (on-farm direct sales, farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture, cooperatives, etc.), identifying the key parameters that influence sustainable food production and rural development in the different EU regions. This analysis of 18 representative case studies from 9 countries helped us to understand the different factors (technological, regulatory, social, economic, and environmental) that play a role in the success of SFSCs. Based on these results, concrete policy and business recommendations have been developed. Additionally, consumer perceptions and attitudes to SFSCs have been examined to promote greater acceptance of this type of supply chain. 

    To get the link and participate: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/open-european-multi-stakeholder-workshop-registration-159025221719

    Info: https://www.smartchain-h2020.eu