The Italian cooperative movement has a longstanding committment in supporting the cooperative organizations in Developing Countries. The cooperative enterprises members of Legacoop, as well as its regional, territorial and sectoral structures have contributed to the creation and reinforcement of the cooperative movement in several Developing countries, sharing experiences and expertises. From 2008 to 2017 Legacoop registered around 160 projects implemented by its member cooperatives and its structures in all economic sectors.

The Statute of Legacoop includes in its mandate the “international promotion of cooperation, in particular in the Developing Countries” (art 3.f), in the spirit of the cooperative principles n° 6 “Cooperation among Cooperatives” and n° 7 “Commitment for the Community”. For this reason, Legacoop charged Halièus as structure dedicated to the international cooperative development, through the valorization of the expertise and experiences of memeber coopertatives.

At the international level, Legacoop has contributed to the creation of a Platform of the European Cooperative organizations active in the international cooperative development  (CEDP – Cooperatives Europe Development Platform), sharing with the other European organizations strategies, tools and best practices for supporting cooperative enterprises throughout the world. The activities of the CEDP are supported by the European Commission within the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) signed with the l’Internatinal Cooperative Alliance (ICA). The support of the European Commission led also to the elaboration of several high level researches, policy briefs and data collections on the cooperatives in cooperation at global level. Those researches and data are now available on the Platform Coops4dev .

From the experiences of the CEDP it was born at global level the International Cooperative Development Platform, as Committee of the ICA dedicated to the development cooperation. alla cooperazione internazionale allo sviluppo. Through the ICDP the best practices for supporting cooperatives in development projects are shared at global level also with non-european partner organizations  (India, US, Canada, etc).