ILO-International Labour Organization Cooperative Support Programme for Palestine

The project aims to enhance employment and livelihood opportunities for Palestinian women and men by activating a supportive institutional, regulatory and promotional environment for autonomous and economically self-reliant cooperatives.

The project provides support to the Cooperative Work Agency (CWA) and its subsidiary bodies, the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) and the Cooperative Development Fund (CDF) to fulfil both regulatory and promotional functions, thereby creating a conducive eco-system that will allow cooperatives to emerge and to flourish while preserving their independence and autonomy.

The International labour Organization together with Haliéus and Legacoop' experts is providing technical support to the newly founded General Cooperative Union and its five sectorial unions, especially in the areas of planning, training, legal questions, and is supporting the exchange of expertise and knowledge with italian best cooperative cases.

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During the month of July the experts of Legacoop have been in Ramallah to collaborate with the Cooperative Work Agency and the General Cooperative Union in reviewing the strategies supporting the palestinian cooperatives. Among others, the two italian experts have met the Minister of Labour Dr. Nasri Abu Jish and the Ministry of Agriculture to share ideas and cooperative perspectives. Moreover, the mission lead to share with the palestinian cooperatives the best practices of the italian cooperative movement on permanent training and access to finance.