Country: Hermel, Lebanon.

Project duration: September 2011- May 2013

Financing Body:  Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

Partnership: Decentralized Cooperation Agency (ACD) Gorizia (Applicant), Planning Development Agency Lebanon, Cultural Association of Hermel, Union of Hermel Municipalities, Universuty of Udine, CETA, Halièus.

Brief description:

A pilot phyto-purification plant has been realized in a trout farm on the Assi river, in the Hermel- Bekaa district, in order to evaluate its replicability and spread local awareness ont he importance of reducing the impacts of human activities on the local ecosystem. The ecosystem of the area has good characteristics for trout farming, but is under strong pressure from human activities (trout farming, agriculture and urban wastewater). Phyto-purification systems are particularly effective in reducing organic pollution caused by trout farming, and specifically in treating the pollutant contaminants detected in the Assi river. The phyto-purification system was chosen in arrange of alternative technologies due to its low contructions costs, low maintenance costs, low skills required for maintenance and high adaptability to the context considered. The operation of the pilot plant was tested through a chemical-physical analysis monitoting plan.

Halièus was responsible for the contruction of the phyto-purification plant (constructed wetland system) to reduce the impact of aquaculture farms. In addition, Halièus has carried out the monitoring through the planned analysis of water and sediments, and will process the data related to the impact of the plant to analyze the replicability and potential improvements. Finally, Haliéus has trained about 15 local experts (selected aming trout farmers, local government experts, etc.) on the construction and management of phyto-purification plants.