International Cooperative Alliance Statement on call for PEACE in Israeli and Palestine

Following the escalation of violence in both Israel and Palestine, the international cooperative movement stands in solidarity with all victims on both sides of the conflict and our members in the region.

We strongly condemn the attacks against civilian population and the kidnapping of civilians and call on the international community to support diplomatic efforts towards release, reconciliation, upholding international humanitarian law and respect for human rights. We urge all parties to cooperate towards resolving this conflict peacefully, while safeguarding the lives and livelihoods of people on both sides and strive in earnest to reach a settlement through diplomatic means. As cooperatives, we believe violence is never the way to resolve conflicts.

In addition to our declaration on “positive peace through cooperatives”, we call on states, governments,international and civil society organizations to uphold and deepen their commitment to build positive peace based on economic justice, reconciliation and equality in order to create a sustainable future for all.

In these troubled times, we believe that we should all cooperate to advocate for peace and the wellbeing of everyone in every corner of our planet.

Read the Statement on call for Peace in Israel and Palestine EN_1.

Appeal for Donations for the Cooperatives in Israel and Palestine

At this hour of need, we call on the international cooperative movement to support our fellow cooperators in Israel and Palestine. We have been in communication with our members who have requested financial support and have opened international accounts so that they can receive aid from international assistance.
In view of this state of emergency, we are informing you below of where you can make your donations: all the information are available here.