A sustainable dialogue between the cooperative movement in Italy and in Turkey

In the previous days, few events have been successfully concluded,  that saw the representatives of the italian and turkish cooperative movement sharing the best practices and experiences, to enhance the long standing dialogue between cooperatives at European and International level. 

In particular the Final Event of the project ToBeCoop, took place in the area of Rize in Turkey. ToBeCoop project, with Haliéus as Lead Applicant, supported and promoted the creation of the dialogue and of the network between the different sectors of cooperatives of Rize and Provinces, by sharing the regional and sectoral structures of Legacoop, as best practice. The event saw a high participation of members and representatives of local cooperatives and future members of cooperatives. Moreover, the event has been an occasion, both to present the activities and the results of the project, as for the local cooperatives to share and know the practices of the European cooperative movement, thanks to the participation of the representative from Cooperatives Europe.

Beside, the Final Conference of another project NewGenCoop, took place in Ankara; the streaming of the event is available on the YouTube channel. The event, successfully implemented, saw the participation of National Authorities, Representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Representatives from the Local Agency for development, from International Organizations as the ILO and the FAO. Moreover, the Conference involved the representatives from the International cooperative movement with the Youth Committee of the International Cooperative Alliance, the European cooperative movement with Cooperatives Europe, and the Italian Cooperative movement with the youth representatives with Legacoop Generazioni. During the event, the Partner of the porject, Genc Isi Kooperatif and Haliéus, presented the results achieved, including a Strategic Action Plan developed by the network of new generation cooperatives, as the starting point for future actions to support the New Generation Cooperatives

As last, Legacoop Nazionale welcomed five members of the delegation from the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Turkish Parliament. During the meeting the italian Legacoop Pari Opportunità, shared the best practices adopted by the cooperative movement and the initiatives in place to promote politics for equal opportunities to support women’s entrepreneurship and employment. The Turkish delegation expressed a high interest toward the Italian cooperative model as a positive means of ensuring women's employment, as an inspiration for establishing solutions that enable a permanent dialogue between Italian and Turkish cooperatives, especially in favor of inclusive cooperative frameworks for gender equality.