Position open: Project Manager for ENI CBC MED Project FISHMEDNET

Vacancy: FISHMEDNET Project Manager

Haliéus is Partner of the Project FISH MED NET - Fishery Mediterranean Network (Ref A_A.1.2_0132, Grant Contract N° 33/1310 of 29/08/2019), co-funded by the ENI CBC MED Programme. The project aims to promote the social and economic development by stimulating the creation of innovative MSMEs in the Small-Scale fishery (SSF) sector on the two shores of the Mediterranean. To this scope, the project will create Business Alliances between the Mediterranean MSMEs active in fishery diversification, by providing them training, direct professional assistance for the development of new services/products, tools for improving their marketing (e-platform) and opportunities for PPPs.


Following to some constraints met during the project implementation period, initially planned from 1st September 2019 to the 31st August 2022, the Partnership has demanded for an extension until the 31st August 2023. At the same time, the partnership demanded to Haliéus to support the Lead Partner and the other Partners in the technical implementation of the project in order to ensure a timely and proper realization of all activities and production of output. To perform the tasks requested by the partnership, Haliéus needs to appoint a Project Manager for the remaining months of implementation of the project.


Note: the actual contracting of the PM is subject to the finalization of the process of Major Amendment of the Project, which is estimated to occur at the beginning of August.






The PM should realize the following tasks:


  • Participate to the Project Management Board, Financial Board and Steering Committee, as well as the Final Conference and any other project meeting where the participation is requested;
  • Support the Lead Partner in the Management of the project, in particular under the aspects of the technical coordination of the Partnership, stimulating the timely and quality production of outputs by all of them;
  • Verify the coherence, the quality and the usability of all project deliverables and outputs, directly adopting– in coordination with the responsible partner – improvements and solutions;
  • Assist all Partners in the proper common understanding and implementation of the project activities, ensuring that they directly contribute to project official target indicators;
  • Work in strict coordination with the Haliéus staff and the Monitoring Expert, for ensuring that the monitoring activities are properly driven into continuous improvement of the project performances;
  • Support the Lead Partner in the preparation of the Interim and Final reports for what concerns the technical implementation of the project, as well as in the provision of periodical updates to the Joint Technical Secretariat and Managing Authority;
  • Collaborate with the Partners’ contact point for financial management and with the Lead Partner Consultancy in charge for the financial management in order to ensure that the use of resources is in line with the activities performed and the financial planning is in line with the technical implementation;
  • Collaborate with the Partners’ contact point for communication and with the Lead Partner Consultancy in charge for the communication in order to ensure that the project communication duly valorize the technical activities and output produced;
  • Ensure that the project output and deliverables are duly valorized with a proper capitalization plant and Mediterranean level;
  • Carry out any other activity, which could emerge as needed for the proper implementation of the Project;


The PM should work in coordination with the President and the Director of Haliéus.




The candidate should demonstrate:

  • Academic degree in a subject relevant for the scope of the project;
  • At least 3 years of working experience in the management and implementation of similar international development projects;
  • English language at working level (equal to C1);


The following criteria are considered an asset in the selection:

  • Previous specific experiences in the ENI CBC MED Programme;
  • Previous specific experience in the fishery sector, and in particular in the fishery diversification process;
  • Previous specific experience in development project implemented in the Mediterranean Basin and specifically in the target Countries;
  • Knowledge of Italian French and/or Arabic at working level.


Time Schedule:

The activities should be realized indicatively between the 15th September 2022 and the 31st August 2023. The implementation period could be extended in agreement between parties case of additional extension of the project until the 31st December 2023.


Duty Station:

The PM is not required to work in the premises of Haliéus, but it will have the possibility to use the tools and equipment available in its headquarter in Rome. Meetings at headquarter of Haliéus and in the target territories of the project could be requested (Italy, France, Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine).


Merely for the scope of financial reporting, it is estimated a workload of 220 working days for the whole period of the contract.

The costs for any travel and accommodation for any mission foreseen in the project will be reimbursed based on actual costs.



Where interested, please send before 8th September 2022 a CV and a short motivation letter to: info@halieus.it, indicating in the object of the email “FISHMEDNET _ call for PM”